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Queen Tribute Brazil

Queen Tribute Brazil

The British rock left its mark in history when Freddie Mercury and company, formed one of the largest and most innovative rock bands of all time: Queen.
All musical styles mixed their compositions and each year new surprises mesmerized its growing audience. It was in this fever that formed the QUEEN TRIBUTE BRAZIL where bring to the stage a work that rescues faithfully with emotion musically and visually classics that eternalized the Queen of Rock that keep on top of the charts to the present day , attracting both new generations as those who followed the band des its beginning.
The Queen Tribute Brazil has played in venues, events, shopping malls, business events and theaters always with Blockbuster. The repertoire, songs like Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, Under Pressure, Radio Ga Ga, We Are The Champions, Love Of My Life, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Another One Bites The Dust, Somebody To Love and more.
The band was formed by members who in 1991 formed the first cover band Queen in Brazil, the Queen cover. At that time the band was supported by the EMI
(Queen label at the time), and also one of the largest collectors of rare materials from the Queen, Antonio Seligman.

Since then, the band has started its tour through several states, including the annual meeting "Freddie for a day", an event that brings together fans worldwide in support of collections for AIDS victims. In 1992 Brian May (Queen guitarist), when passing by Brazil on tour for his solo album "Back To The Light" personally praised copies of concert recordings that received the cover band. The Queen cover was featured in several of the most important TV shows like: All Program Your (Roni Von - TV Gazeta) The big chance (Gilberto Barros - TV Bandeirantes), Special cover bands (MTV), Clip Trip Program (TV Gazeta ), TV Globo Santos in theaters as Dom Pedro (Ribeirao Preto), Colosseum (Santos), Castro Mendes (Campinas), Mario Covas (Ubatuba), Clara Nunes (Diadema), Gomes Freitas (São Bernardo do Campo) hills (São José dos Campos), Paulo Autran (Cerquilho), Municipal baueri, Mauá, and at prestigious venues such as: Café Piu Piu, Xoc Lady, Kazebre, Manifesto, Aeroanta, Woodstock Palace (now HSBC), Raphsody , event Queen's day (with special participation of Andreas Kisser, João Gordo and Bruno Sutter), and events of several prefectures of SP, SC, MT, RJ, BA. His biggest audience was at the meeting of motorcyclists Macaé - RJ, with 10,000 people.

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Promofotos Queen Tribute Brazil 2016

Datum Titel Ort Stadt Kategorie
21:30 h
Rio Quente Resorts Rio Quente Queen Tribute Brazil
15:00 h
Teatro UMC São Paulo Queen Tribute Brazil
02.02.2018 Camaleão Bar Macatuba Queen Tribute Brazil
03.02.2018 Rodoserv Presidente Prudente Queen Tribute Brazil
23:00 h
Clube Come together São Roque Queen Tribute Brazil
10.02.2018 Jimmy Rocker Campinas Queen Tribute Brazil
11.02.2018 Jack Pub Sorocaba Queen Tribute Brazil
17.02.2018 Dona Bier Taubaté Queen Tribute Brazil
20:00 h
Av. Airton Senna, Centro Monte Mor Queen Tribute Brazil
23:00 h
Claymore Hyghway Bar Curitiba Queen Tribute Brazil
23:00 h
Acervo do Tuzzi Bragança Paulista Queen Tribute Brazil
22:00 h
Hotel Fazenda Fonte Colina Verde São Pedro Queen Tribute Brazil
12.05.2018 Dona Bier Taubaté Queen Tribute Brazil
23:00 h
Clube Come together São Roque Queen Tribute Brazil
09.06.2018 Fazzendo Art’s Vargem Grande do Sul Queen Tribute Brazil
14.06.2018 Jack Pub Sorocaba Queen Tribute Brazil
11.08.2018 Dona Bier Taubaté Queen Tribute Brazil
04.10.2018 Jack Pub Sorocaba Queen Tribute Brazil
17.11.2018 Dona Bier Taubaté Queen Tribute Brazil