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Queen Sensation

Queen Sensation

Originally named Queen Real Tribute, the band was formed in 2007, comprised of professional musicians who played with the biggest and most famous stars in the former Yugoslav region..Being huge fans of Queen, they started playing Queen songs to keep the memory of one of the biggest rock bands of all time and their singer Freddie Mercury alive.

During 2007 and 2008 they made numerous concerts throughout Europe and soon became one of the biggest Queen Tribute attractions at the time. In 2008 they recorded a live DVD video called “Magical Rhapsody” at Boogalo (Zagreb – Croatia). 2009 had the band receiving numerous offers from promoters across the globe, which gave them a great international reputation. From 2010 – 2016 the band played hundreds of concerts around the world …In Brazil alone- 70 concerts in 4 tours!! Brazilian fans named them “The best Queen Tribute band in the world.” In the summer of 2012, the band plays at the biggest Serbian festival in Belgrade, in front of more than 60,000 people.After all this success they decided to take it even further up a level, and in 2017 put together a Queen Symphony show consisting of a 42 piece symphony orchestra and a 16 people choir. The production was a great success and after sold out shows in Belgrade and Zagreb, they went further on to perform in front of large audiences in North Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia …In 2018 the band plays China and after leaving a great impression they are called back to tour China for a second time in August and September 2019. 2019 is the year in which the band plays Russia for the first time! After a very successful first tour in May of that year, the band returns to do 3 more tours to sold out venues in September, November and December, of wich the last tour in December was done with Russian Symphony orchestras from Moscow and Vladivostock. After touring Mainland China, performing before sold out crowds in several cities they visit South Korea for the first time in October of the same year. Finishing this more than successfull year with over 80 shows, was a grand New Years eve concert performance in the main city square of Opatija Croatia.
2020 has the band on a unique long spread of 68 concerts in Austria and Germany on their „The Spirit of Freddie Mercury“ tour, starting January 10th and ending March 17th. 68 shows in 68 days in 68 different cities! What a feat! No other tribute band has ever done anything similar.Covid 19 unfortunately had the band cancelling many booked shows in 2020/2021, leaving only a few shows that were performed under Covid 19 regulations and restrictions at the time. On April 22nd the band performed their first and only livestream online concert, drawing a huge audience from every corner of the planet. In 2022 the band managed to get back on the road with a series of shows in Austria, and throughout Europe. Spain, Germany, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia. In August of the same year they made a performance at the largest Festival in the West Balkans Region, Belgrades Beerfest, to an audience of over 40,000 people.2023 started off with a bang and a big New Years Eve show in Rijeka,Croatia, only to have the band on a new 37 show tour of Austria, Switzerland and Germany in February and March. After 16 full years of performing as Queen Real Tribute, in April 2023 the band decides to change its name to QUEEN SENSATION, explaining this move with an official statement : „Our decision to move on to Queen Sensation as a name stems from the simple fact that our craft, art and entertainment form do not have much in common with the word Tribute….we never really were just a tribute band anyway, and that does not even translate into what we stand for. Through the years our stage show has developed into its own creature, where what we actually put sweat and blood into, cannot be labeled as the mere replication of Queen songs, like anyone else would or have been doing for long. In our collective mind, we humbly aim to represent the evolution and enhancement of what Freddie, Brian, Roger and John would go for in this day and age. Long Live The Queen !Many more plans and much more Queen music to spread to all the fans of this Iconic group.Cant wait to see you at are shows! Because “THE SHOW MUST GO ON”

Queen Sensation are:
Ivan Ristanović (Vocal)
Nenad Bojković (Guitar and Vocal)
Ivan Đerfi (Bass and Vocal)
Radoš Ćapin (Drums and Vocal)

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