VÖ 19. April 2024

VÖ 19. April 2024



Die Infos, Bilder und Video wurden uns freundlicher Weise von Delta Sound zur Verfügung gestellt. Vielen Dank!

Infos über das Projekt unter Innuendo: A Tribute To Queen.

This is the 7th Queen Tribute single release of the soon to be released full CD.
The Video premiere is Friday the 19th April at 12 noon Eastern, 6 PM CET

The Italian guitarist Porter Macready recorded a cover of "BIJOU" for the upcoming album "A Tribute to Queen". The singer Alice Marras contributed the vocals in the middle section, the Synthesizers were played by Cosmic Geppo. Bijou is the eleventh song from Innuendo and was written by Brian May and Freddie Mercury. On January 14, 1991, the song was released as the B-side of the single Innuendo. On September 5, 1991, the song was released as the B-side of the single These Are The Days Of Our Lives. Freddie Mercury's lyrics will probably remain a mystery forever. Brian May was inspired by his idol Jeff Beck for the instrumental part. The song was recorded from March 1989 to November 1990 at Mountain Studios in Montreux and at Metropolis Studios in London. In 2014, the song was described in the British newspaper The Guardian as "the darkest and saddest song on the darkest and saddest Queen album". "Bijou" was an idea Mercury and May had of making a song "inside-out", having guitar doing the verses and the vocal doing the break Mercury put the chords, title and lyrics, and the two of them worked on the guitar parts. Mercury sang the first line and then May transferred the melody to his Red Special. The song was finished without any input from Taylor or Deacon. The inspiration for the song itself is twofold, Brian May; “The vocal is a succinct and very precise little verse, a little gem, a "Bijou" - a jewel buried at the heart of the piece: hence the name of the song.” “My Mum was given a budgie by a friend - it became a great companion for her after she lost my Dad. She called it "Bijou" and she would spend hours talking to it! ..It was her little Bijou.” In 2008, Queen + Paul Rodgers performed this song in their shows of the Rock the Cosmos Tour by May playing the verse live and then having Mercury's studio vocals play while a screen showed footage from the band's Wembley concert in 1986, with the visuals put in sync with the tape.







Der Song ist auf mehreren Streaming-Plattformen verfügbar.
Eine Liste gibt es unter frontl.ink/bbjdn8p


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