The musician and producer Fabian Mroz will release a complete album with the songs from the album "Innuendo" in 2023. A lot of songs from many artists and groups have already been received.

Musicians wanted for Tribute Project

But the two important songs are still missing

  • I Can't Live With You
  • All God's People

We are hereby launching an appeal to musicians all over the world to participate in this project.

50 years of Queen, 30 years of Innuendo - in 2021 we started to work on a new edition of our Queen tributes from 2011 - in the meantime, strong acts with a Queen connection have already confirmed and we are working on very different Innuendo reinterpretations. We already got some tracks by the hungarian Prog-Band ANTARES (The Hitman) and Milan Devinne (These Are the Days of Our Lives). Milan is a great singer and also does the management for Peter Freestone (The Man Behind Freddie Mercury More great artists on the CD: Space Elevator (UK), Hairy Groupies (CZ), Robby Bloodshed (USA) and many more... An exciting project is emerging - but we are still open to further ideas and suggestions. Interested musicians, bands and promoters are welcome to contact us. We are currently working closely with the Queen fan club Gemany and are planning an album release for 2023. 10% of the CD revenue will go to the Mercury Phoenix Trust's AIDS charity.

Project homepage: