Lucie Halamíková

Lucie Halamíková hat ein Lied geschrieben und eingesungen als Tribute an Freddie mit dm Titel "Evermore".

Hier ein paar Worte von Lucie:
Today I would like to share my Queen’s and Freddie’s covers of their song with you and other fans. I started to make my covers of some Queen songs (as Mother Love, Love Of My Life, Nevermore, Teo Torriate, Dear Friends, White Queen, It’s A Beautiful Day, How Can I Go On, Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow...). I only play my keyboard and sing. Sometime I use a piano sheets but most of times I have only lyrics and guitar signatures. My biggest inspiration to find all the interludes and guitar solos are CD’s. I listen to the song and try to find those notes on a keyboard. I reason to do it is especially to express my big thanks to Queen for their music and also because I like it. I would be very happy if you can listen to some of them on my channel on youtube. I would be also very happy if I can share it with other fans in your country.
Der Link um Youtube-Channel: www.youtube.com/LucieHalamikova.

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