VÖ 24.01.2018

The Drums of Roger Meddows Taylor

VÖ 24.01.2018

The Drums of Roger Meddows Taylor


The Drums of Roger Meddows Taylor


Hier die offizielle Pressemitteilung von Dario Blues Di Nardo über das Buch The Drums of Roger Meddows Taylor - A Full & Detailed History in englischer Sprache:

The Drums of
A Full & Detailed History

With a letter of endorsement from Roger Taylor (QUEEN), a preface by Chris “Crystal” Taylor, Roger’s personal roadie and group coordinator, the author proudly presents his latest work: THE DRUMS OF ROGER MEDDOWS TAYLOR, A Full and Detailed History.

The book is divided into three parts in which are described, every Taylor drum kit or set-up, including modifications with more than 170 pictures of Taylor and his kits, including Hardware details. A huge work with a spectrum ranging from his first kit in the 60’s, up to the last one played in 2018.

Between chapters, you’ll find many new pictures and curiosities, extracts from interviews in which our drumming hero refers to his kits or his playing, details on his snares and drum heads, logos and further descriptions with information about his work as a solo artist, including collaborations and guest appearances with other artists. A kind of Taylorpedia... Just enjoy!

Proceeds will be donated to ALS disease research and MERCURY PHOENIX TRUST.

Dario Blues Di Nardo, likes introspective poetry and is enthusiastically active in music, photography and writing. Already columnist for the Italian Official Queen Fan Club “We Will Rock You” and Drummer/lead Singer of the Psychedelic Rock band, “Ivor’s Friends”, he has published a poetry book, “Meandri Mentali” which will soon be recorded musically and has frequently performed as a Live Poetry Jam.

For more informations:

Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! (Object: Ordering Book) +393494549546 (ENG-DEU-ITA-ESP).

Printed in only 1000 copies, available only via contacting the Author.

Front Cover Picture © Thilo Rahn.

Back Cover Picture: © Giancarlo Calò.

Das Buch wird in zwei Versionen geben.
Die limitierte Ausgabe auf 50 Stk. mit 8 Postkarten mit 9 Bildern die auch im Buch vorhanden sind, und die normale Version. Der Inhalt ist identisch.
50 € kostet die limitierte Version und 25 € die normale Version.


The Drums of Roger Meddows Taylor - Inhaltsverzeichnis - Seite 8

The Drums of Roger Meddows Taylor - Seite 23

The Drums of Roger Meddows Taylor - Seite 34

The Drums of Roger Meddows Taylor - Seite 286

The Drums of Roger Meddows Taylor - Seite 49


Die offizielle Website ist unter rogermeddowstaylorsdrumkitsbook.wordpress.com erreichbar.

Video der Buchpräsentation

Am 24.01.2018 fand eine Buchpräsentation in der ACM in Guildford statt.
Hier ein Video der Veranstaltung.

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