Kerry Ellis hat zusammen mit Brian in ihrem instagram-Konzert den Song "I Who Have Nothing" dargeboten.

Brians Part ohne Gesang gibt es unter

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#JamwithBri. This is the backing track I sent to @kerryellis79, two weeks ago for her live IG concert. Yes... there’s a story. Give me a little while. But meanwhile, if you’re in the bath (or even if not!) have a sing of this wonderful dramatic ditty !! 💥💥💥💥 Well, the story is that Kerry had asked me for a track to duet with, and we thought about this one - because it’s a favourite from our touring days, and it’s very dramatic. However, Kerry was a little concerned that the range of power that this track demands might be a little too much for the home situation where she was singing. So I promised her I would send her a quick demo track so she could try it out, and see if it would work. Unfortunately, that was the day when I injured myself, working in the garden, and at that moment, the pain in my hip and leg was getting worse and worse. There were still a few days to go before the track was needed, and I wondered if I should just leave it for a little while, until I felt better. But somehow I had a premonition that I was not going to feel better for a long time. So I hobbled into my ‘music room’, as it has become in lock-down, plugged in the guitar, and played the backing track just once, with a rather amusing error at the end. I sent it off to the amazing @kerryellis79, with the message “Obviously this is not good enough to use, but it might be good enough to try see if it works.“ Well, my premonition came true, and sadly I have not touched a guitar since that moment. It probably seems like I have, if you’ve been watching my Instagram, but the recent posts have all been from earlier times. So Kerry, being the great professional that she is, used the track that I sent as the final version, and managed to share the joke at the end beautifully. Well, that’s the story. But what’s the missing part of the story? What really happened to me in the last couple of weeks? Well, you couldn’t make it up, but I’ll tell you soon. For now, I’m just gonna tell you I’m definitely going to be all right !! Bri

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