Queen Rock Tour

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Queen Rock Tour

Beitrag von Andreas Streng »

VÖ 01.03.2021 (weltweit)

Queen Rock Tour

Queen Rock Tour - Logo

Queen Rock Tour - Poster breit mit Appstore-Logos Queen Rock Tour - Poster breit ohne Appstore-Logos

Queen Rock Tour - Poster hoch mit Appstore-Logos Queen Rock Tour - Poster hoch ohne Appstore-Logos

Queen Rock Tour - Screenshot Queen Rock Tour - Screenshot

Queen Rock Tour - Screenshot Queen Rock Tour - Screenshot

Queen Rock Tour - Screenshot Queen Rock Tour - Screenshot

Queen Rock Tour - Screenshot Queen Rock Tour - Screenshot

Freddie Mercury - Jazz Tour, North America, 1978 - Photography by Neal Preston, © Queen Productions Ltd Queen - Magic Tour, 1986, Image 1 - Photography by Denis O'Regan, © Queen Productions Ltd Queen - Magic Tour, 1986, Image 2 - Photography by Denis O'Regan, © Queen Productions Ltd

Queen - Magic Tour, 1986, Image 3 - Photography by Denis O'Regan, © Queen Productions Ltd Queen - Montreal, 1981, Image 1 - © Queen Productions Ltd Queen - Montreal, 1981, Image 2 - © Queen Productions Ltd

Queen - News Of The World Tour, 1977 - Photography by Neal Preston, © Queen Productions Ltd Queen - South America, 1981 - Photography by Neal Preston, © Queen Productions Ltd Queen - The Game Tour, North America, 1980 - Photography by Neal Preston, © Queen Productions Ltd

Hier die offizielle, englischsprachige Pressinfo, die uns freundlicher Weise von Universal Music Deutschland zur Verfügung gestellt wurde. Vielen Dank!

Anm.d.Red.: Das Spiel verfügt über eine Menüführung in Landessprache.

Queen Rock Tour

Become A Rock Legend With The First Ever
Official Queen Game On Mobile.

"Be a Lockdown Rock Star! No turning back!!!” - Brian May, Queen

Play along with hits from the band’s iconic catalogue

Relive their classic concerts by touring the world and
performing on different stages

Queen: Rock Tour is available now on Android / iOS

London, March 1st, 2021 – With live music in lockdown and the return of tours still uncertain, rock group Queen has come up with a safe alternative – no masks, no social distancing, just the good old fashioned live experience, with ‘Queen: Rock Tour’, the band’s first ever official game for Android and iOS devices.

The arrival of the play-along rhythm game comes at a significant landmark for Queen. With 50 years now having passed since the 1971 recruiting of John Deacon, completing Queen’s classic line-up, 2021 marks a Queen Golden Jubilee that the band was hoping to celebrate with fans. A massive 29-date European stadium and arena tour planned for this year has been forced to be delayed to 2022.

Queen: Rock Tour gives players a chance to experience the majesty and might of the Queen [live] experience on their phones supported by extensive attention to detail contributed by the official Queen archives and experts. Hit the stage and perform with the entire band as you unleash your music talents to play thrilling guitar riffs, heart-pounding drum solos and much more. All you need to do is tap the tiles in time with the rhythm!

"Be a Lockdown Rock Star! No turning back!!!” enthused Queen’s Brian May on the game launch.

The game allows users to fully immerse themselves into the world of Queen – Progress and score points by playing along to 20 of their most popular hits including: Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You, Radio Ga Ga, I Want to Break Free and We Are The Champions, whilst performing at 10 historic concert venues from around the world.

Style your performances with over 40 official and iconic costumes from the band’s history and help unlock fun trivia facts and exclusive images from the official Queen archives, by scoring highly in the game.

Queen’s music has been featured in major mobile music games before, but for the first time ever the band will be releasing their own dedicated mobile experience in Queen: Rock Tour.

Queen remain one of the most popular groups in the world today, transcending multiple generations of fans, a position further buoyed by the phenomenal global success of their Academy Award-winning 2018 biographical film Bohemian Rhapsody, which tells the incredible story of the band’s historic career and quickly became the highest grossing music biopic in history.

The film’s title was inspired by their iconic 1975 single “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the world’s most-streamed song from the 20th Century and the first pre-1980’s song to achieve more than 1 billion video views.

Queen: Rock Tour was created in association with Universal Music Group, Hollywood Records and developed by Gameloft for brands, leader in the creation of gaming experiences for brands.

Cedric Ratajczak, Creative Director at Gameloft for brands said, "Our ambition was to push the boundaries of music and gaming with a fun and rewarding experience that would put players in Queen shoes at pivotal points in their career and make them perform in real-time Queen's live music unlike ever before. The creative challenge was to modernize the traditional rhythm-game genre with innovative and mobile-friendly twists inheriting from hyper-casual gaming, and with a unique and happy visual style that offers a timeless look to the band, appealing to the new generation of players.

We devoted enormous attention to the details of Queen’s history, authenticity and artistry to craft a fitting tribute to one of the most significant bands in rock history and aim at setting new standards for how band-focused music games could be executed on mobile today."

Andrew Kronfeld, Executive Vice President, Marketing at Universal Music Group said, “Today, Queen are globally recognized as one of the most iconic and important bands in history. Decades after their first live shows together and following on from the huge worldwide box office success of the Bohemian Rhapsody biopic, their popularity continues to grow every year. We hope the launch of Rock Tour will introduce their inimitable rock legacy and catalogue to a new generation of fans, through this unique new gaming experience.”

Ken Bunt, President, Disney Music Group said, “We are excited to partner with Queen, UMG, and Gameloft to let Queen fans experience the bands legendary music in a new way.”

Rock Tour is certain to appeal to fans old and young alike and is sure to find a place in the hearts of the millions of Queen fans around the world.

Queen Rock Tour - Productsheet

About Queen : Rock Tour

Embark on a musical journey to rediscover the story of the world’s most iconic rock band. Play the greatest hits at historic venues, create your own stage performances with unique animations and legendary outfits, and collect exclusive images from the official archives of Queen!

Game Features

  • Play your favorites tracks from over 20 official Queen songs from the greatest albums, including: Bohemian Rhapsody, Keep Yourself Alive, We Will Rock You, I Want to Break Free, We Are The Champions, and many more!*

  • Challenge your music skills in this fun and intuitive game. Whether you’re playing the guitar, drums, vocals or bass, just tap the tiles as they float by to create some of the most memorable music on mobile!

  • Keep the rhythm going throughout the stage to chain together crazy combos and rack up an amazing game score as you play and complete the songs!

  • Dazzle the audience with official outfits and customizable accessories you can unlock and pick out for each venue.

  • Play your songs in one iconic venue after another, including the original stages at London, Tokyo, Houston, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janerio and many more.

  • Unlock and collect fun music trivia facts and exclusive band images from the official Queen Archives.

Queen Rock Tour is free to play with 3 full tracks and 30 second playable levels of all other featured tracks, but if you wish you can enhance your experience and unlock all 20 full tracks for a one time in-app purchase.

Ready to make music history with Queen? It’s showtime! Download now

  • (Fully-Unlocked Version Required to access all 20 full-length tracks)


About Universal Music Group
Universal Music Group (UMG) is the world leader in music-based entertainment, with a broad array of businesses engaged in recorded music, music publishing, merchandising and audiovisual content in more than 60 countries. Featuring the most comprehensive catalog of recordings and songs across every musical genre, UMG identifies and develops artists and produces and distributes the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful music in the world. Committed to artistry, innovation and entrepreneurship, UMG fosters the development of services, platforms and business models in order to broaden artistic and commercial opportunities for our artists and create new experiences for fans. Universal Music Group is a Vivendi company. Find out more at: www.universalmusic.com.

About Hollywood Records
Hollywood Records is part of DMG which includes Walt Disney Records, Disney Music Publishing, Buena Vista Records, and Disney Concerts. Along with its genre-spanning rosters Hollywood Records and DMG also release film and television soundtracks such as the chart-topping “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,” “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” (featuring chart-topper Olivia Rodrigo), Oscar-winning “Coco” and “Moana” soundtracks, and the Oscar and Grammy-winning “Frozen” soundtrack. DMG has a rich catalog with a lasting legacy that has impacted pop culture globally, including music from films like “Star Wars.” DMG produces the For Scores podcast series highlighting conversations with acclaimed film composers from Marvel Studios, Pixar, 20thCentury Studios, Disney, and more. The Concerts division licenses and produces hundreds of shows around the world, including Star Wars in Concert, Disney On Classic, Pixar In Concert, and many more.

About Gameloft for brands
With a monthly audience of 250 million active players, 300 million impressions, and an average playtime of 27 minutes per day per user, Gameloft for brands offers advertisers a unique level of visibility and engagement with their audiences. To date, Gameloft for brands has delivered more than 10,000 campaigns for prestigious brands such as Air France, Coca-Cola®, Ford, FOX™, Ferrari, ING, Netflix, Procter & Gamble, Samsung and LEGO, in over 40 countries around the world (North America, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, etc.) and our work has been honored with over 50 awards from marketing organizations.

All trademarks referenced above are owned by their respective trademark owners.

Der offizielle, englischsprachige Trailer ist bei YouTube zu sehen.


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Made In Heaven
Made In Heaven
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Re: Queen Rock Tour

Beitrag von MAYniac »

Tja... was soll man dazu sagen?! Für sich selbst stehend, ist das sicherlich wieder ein Projekt, die Band für neues "Puplikum" zugänglich zu machen. Auch die Umsetzung ist, sofern ich das bis jetzt ausprobieren konnte, nicht schlecht erfolgt und durchaus zeitgemäß mit einem ganz eigene Charme.

Betrachtet man es im Hinblick auf das anstehende Jubiläum der Band in diesem Jahr, finde ich die Prioritäten schon ziemlich "abstrakt". Ich habe eigentlich auf eine Ankündigung im Bezug auf Musik in Bild und Ton gewartet, die QUEEN im 50. Jubiläumsjahr gebührend in den Fokus rückt. Ein Videospiel ist da nicht unbedingt das, was ich erwartet habe.

Vielleicht kommt ja noch etwas... es wäre der Band und deren Fans zu wünschen.
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Brian May & Kerry Ellis - Prag´16
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A Night At The Opera
A Night At The Opera
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Re: Queen Rock Tour

Beitrag von boquerhap »

Das kann ja wohl nicht alles sein in diesem Jubiläumsjahr ( bin übrigens kein großer Fan des Spiels, sagt mir in der Aufmachung einfach nicht zu, vielleicht bin ich auch einfach zu alt dafür :( )
Ich hoffe und wünsche mir Vinyl , Boxen, Konzerte ( Earls Court, Houston, etc. ) vernünftig aufgemacht in Ton und Bild....
I love living life to the full - that´s my nature
( FREDDIE - 1985 )
A Kind Of Magic
A Kind Of Magic
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Re: Queen Rock Tour

Beitrag von Q-Freddie »

ich gehe doch mal schwer davon aus, dass da im Laufe des Jahres noch etwas mehr als eine App von unseren Jungs zu erwarten ist! :lol: Ich will und kann mir noch keine Meinung vom Handyspiel machen, kommt vielleicht auch noch.
Hier etwas sehr exklusives vom RAP Verlag, aber auch nichts für den Hardcore- Fan mit normalem Geldbeutel :roll: :

https://www.reelartpress.com/catalog/ed ... d-editions

Thuringia rocks
Was man tief in seinem Herzen besitzt, kann man nicht durch den Tod verlieren.
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Re: Queen Rock Tour

Beitrag von IloveBarcelona »

Q-Freddie hat geschrieben: 04.03.2021 18:39 Uhr Hier etwas sehr exklusives vom RAP Verlag, aber auch nichts für den Hardcore- Fan mit normalem Geldbeutel
Nee, beim besten besten Willen nicht, 10.000 € sind mir die Autogramme von Brian und Roger selbst dann nicht wert, wenn ein Paar Handschuhe und 5 Fotos dabei sind. Das ist ja wohl irre: :evil:
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