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CoverQUEEN ( a French tribute to QUEEN )

In 1991 November 24th, Freddie Mercury died. This was the end of an immense rock band… and the beginning ot a new myth! Indeed, few rock bands can mingle disparate styles such as rock, opera, funk, electro and write masterly orchestrations valuing the feats of its own lead singer.

Freddie’s sense of drama strongly influenced Frederick Caramia. He started his singer’s carreer at the age of 16, already covering some Queen hits. After studying lyrical singing with teachers of the "Opera de Paris", Frederick decided in 2005 to create a coverband, supported by his brother. Alexandre Caramia plays the drums and shows equal vocal ease.

The first performances were welcomed by enthousiastic audiences –most were faithful Queen fans. Thanks to their friends in the show-business, Fred and Alex have added great musicians to their team. A professional bass player, Morgan Michaud aka "Morgus" and a guitarist, Adrien Husson, who plays scrupulously Brian May’s solos, joined the Caramia Bros. The pianist-singer and professionnal composer, Eddy Pero was last recruited by the band.

They cover Queen and are named COVERQUEEN, a tribute to Queen. Songs like comme " Tie your mother down ", " I want to break free ", " Bohemian Rhapsody ", " Somebody to love ", " The show must go on " are played with absolute integrity and respect. Their special energy on stage and the musical versatiliy of the musicians (all are multi-instrumentalists and back-vocalists) hold moments that can’t be missed for Queen nostalgics. "Here we are..."

CoverQUEEN are:

Frédérick Caramia : vocalist / backing vocals
Adrien Husson : guitars
Alexandre Caramia: drums / backing vocals
Morgan Michaud: bass / backing vocals
Raphael Donadieu: pianist / acoustic guitar and backing vocals

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Datum Titel Ort Stadt Kategorie
15.11.2019 Zenith de Montpellier Montpellier CoverQUEEN
09.11.2019 Le Kursaal Dunkerque CoverQUEEN
12.10.2019 Zenith de Caen Caen CoverQUEEN
24.08.2019 Moutier Moutier CoverQUEEN
03.08.2019 Valence d'Agen Valence d'Agen CoverQUEEN
14.07.2019 Hersin Coupigny Hersin Coupigny CoverQUEEN
04.07.2019 Baden-Baden Baden-Baden CoverQUEEN
29.06.2019 Porquéricourt Porquéricourt CoverQUEEN
23:40 h
Le Russey Le Russey CoverQUEEN
25.05.2019 Ensuès-la-Redonne Ensuès-la-Redonne CoverQUEEN
24.05.2019 Carnoux Carnoux CoverQUEEN
18.05.2019 Saint-Baudille-de-la-Tour Saint-Baudille-de-la-Tour CoverQUEEN
20:30 h - 22:30 h
Casino Terrazur Cagnes-sur-Mer Cagnes-sur-Mer CoverQUEEN
04.05.2019 Théâtre d'Anzin Anzin CoverQUEEN
23.03.2019 Les Prairiales Épernon CoverQUEEN
08.03.2019 Casino de Saint-Julien-en-Genevois Saint-Julien-en-Genevois CoverQUEEN
09.02.2019 Le Pasino St. Amand Les Eaux St. Amand Les Eaux CoverQUEEN
20:30 h
le K Reims CoverQUEEN
20:30 h - 22:15 h
Salle du Vieux Marché Jouy en Josas CoverQUEEN
17.11.2018 Salle Polyvalente Paul Delouvrier Villemomble CoverQUEEN
06.10.2018 Le Kursaal Dunkerque CoverQUEEN
25.08.2018 Geneve Landecin Geneve Landecin CoverQUEEN
24.08.2018 La Bresse La Bresse CoverQUEEN
04.08.2018 Theatre de Verdure Gémenos Gémenos CoverQUEEN
03.08.2018 Théâtre de Verdure Nice CoverQUEEN
28.07.2018 Portail Sud de la Cathedrale Chartres CoverQUEEN
13.07.2018 Lallaing Lallaing CoverQUEEN
12.07.2018 Rognes Rognes CoverQUEEN
07.07.2018 Divonne Les Bains Divonne Les Bains CoverQUEEN
21.06.2018 Esplanade de l'Espace Saint Exupery Franconville CoverQUEEN
26.05.2018 Espace Culturel Bernard Dague Louvres CoverQUEEN
17.05.2018 20 Place de la Libération Balma CoverQUEEN
11.05.2018 Ovalies UniLaSalle Beauvais CoverQUEEN
05.05.2018 Grande Rue Lièvremont Lièvremont CoverQUEEN
20:30 h
Theatre Sebastopol Lille CoverQUEEN
20:30 h
Espace Jean Gabin Chaponnay CoverQUEEN
25.11.2017 Espace Ostermeyer Houilles CoverQUEEN
18.11.2017 Salle Maurin des Maures Cogolin CoverQUEEN
22.09.2017 Espace culturel Marcel Pagnol Aubevoye CoverQUEEN
09.09.2017 Hippodrome Cagnes Sur Mer Cagnes-sur-Mer CoverQUEEN
26.08.2017 Braderie Prévôtoise Moutier Moutier CoverQUEEN
11.08.2017 Dax Dax CoverQUEEN
05.08.2017 Courlans Courlans CoverQUEEN
30.07.2017 Festival "Les Gens D'Ere" Ere CoverQUEEN
21:30 h
La Halle Calais CoverQUEEN
19.07.2017 Chateau Paradis Le Puy Ste Reparade CoverQUEEN
05.07.2017 Miribel Miribel CoverQUEEN
29.06.2017 Riaz Riaz CoverQUEEN
24.06.2017 Massy Massy CoverQUEEN
21.06.2017 Stade Le Bracon Creys-Mépieu CoverQUEEN
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